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Vortex Tubes & Spot Cooling
Vortex Tubes


Nex Flow™ stainless steel vortex tube uses a metal (brass) generator as a standard item rather than cheap plastic for longer life. 

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Air Amplifiers

Adjustable Air Amplifier


Nex Flow™ Air amplifiers vent, exhaust, clean, dry and cool with no moving parts.

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Air Knives
air knife system air knives system

Nex Flow™ Air Knives Are Ideal For Vent Welding Smoke, Cool Hot Parts, Dry Wet Parts, Clean Machined Parts, Distribute Heat In Molds/Ovens, Ventilate Confined Areas And More.

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Air Nozzles & Jets


Air nozzles


Nex Flow™ removes the confusion from air jets and nozzles.  You do NOT need hundreds of different nozzles. 

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Cabinet Enclosure Coolers
Cabinet Coolers, Panel cooler


Cabinet Enclosure Cooling- Frigid-X™ series for electronic control panels provide a low cost method of purging and cooling electrical and electronic control panels.

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Reversible Drum Angel
Industrial Vacuum


Nex Flow™ 316L Stainless Steel Reversible Drum Angel is a maintenance free system to recover spilled liquids, coolant, sludge, tramp oil, waste water and other liquids using only compressed air.

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Product of the Week

Adjustable Air Amplifiers

Air Amplifier

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